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We purchased our first Soay sheep, a pair of wethers, from Santiam Valley Farm near Salem in June of 2006. We weren't sure how well these little creatures would work out, but we figured if we got tired of them, we would eat them. By the first week in July, we had purchased four more sheep, two ewes and two ram lambs from Wind River Farm up in Washington. Nobody had warned us that Soay sheep were so addictive!


All of our intact sheep are registered (or have registrations pending) in the Open Flockbook Project, which is an awesome resource for all Soay enthusiasts of either British or American Soay sheep. Registration with OFP is free, and I would encourage every Soay breeder to add their Soays to the registry and the OFP Gallery! Some of our sheep are also registered with MNSBAR, and /or with Soays of America.

If you are not in our area, you may be able to find a farm closer to your home by visiting the Soay Sheep Breeders wesbsite. We are currently the caretakers of the Soay Sheep Breeders site, so if you have any questions about getting your farm listed please let us know.

Soay are a miniature breed of sheep which originated in Scotland. At Rainbow Apple Farm, we raise the variety known as “American Soay” which are a breed developed in North America out of imported Soay with a little genetic help from various other breeds thrown in. 

Soay sheep produce wool but have many characteristics of a hair sheep including the ability to shed their coats in the spring. Like most hair sheep, they retain a good meat flavor and quality well into adulthood.

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